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What We Do

People often ask what it is we do, and the obvious answer is record music. However, since we opened in 2009 we have done and continue to do so much more. We preserve our clients memories transferring older recordings. We edit music for dance shows and competitions. We record voice overs, audio books, and podcasts. We record the progress of vocal students and those learning instruments. We help clients polish home recordings. We work on special projects with clients for their weddings, and help others create heartfelt gifts for loved ones. When clients, pros and amateurs alike, come to record with us they are sharing a part of themselves with us. We are incredibly grateful and honored to be a part of the soundtrack of their lives.

Our Engineer

Jeff Mulligan is the head engineer / producer at Abstrack Recording Studio. He is a self-taught musician who plays piano, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, drums, and various other percussion instruments. Jeff started writing music in 1988 and has been producing beats since 1990. He began multi-track recording in 1991. Jeff ran Artisan Recording Studio in Ocean City, NJ for 5 years  prior to building Abstrack in 2009. As a musician and a songwriter he understands the needs of his clients. Whether you are a complete novice looking for patient guidance or seasoned professional in need of full production and exquisite arrangement, Jeff strives to meet your needs.

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